Beth Dekker Dekker

Allison Chapman has been printing since she was young, and was taught how to print on in her Grandad’s hobby print shop. She went to school for history and completed an internship at the Smithsonian in 1994. After that, she moved back to Minneapolis and spent a decade teaching at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. After inheriting her Grandad’s press and collection of vintage images and type, along with his 19th century press, Allison built Igloo Letterpress starting in 1996 in Minnesota, and moving to Columbus, Ohio in 2008. Their studio now houses 7 printing presses, a large collection of wood type, lead type and vintage images.

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Workshops and Classes

Taking a letterpress workshop or class offers hands-on experience on a press. Depending on your goals, taking a class may satisfy your letterpress curiosity or it may encourage you to purchase your own printing press. In times past, printing was an craft passed on from printer to apprentice; many experienced … Continue reading