Articles about Printing Setup

Measured, minute adjustments to the letterpress rollers, packing, and form have a huge impact on the quality of the finished product.


Makeready is literally the process of making the press ready to print. Makeready is more than oiling and inking the press, and making sure the form is locked up securely; it is, in the narrowest sense . . the diagnosis of defects, the selection of the best remedies for correcting … Continue reading


In the letterpress market you will find products with varying depths of printing impression. On one end of the spectrum is the traditionally-favored “kiss impression,” in which the printer applied just enough pressure to the type or printing plate to give adequate ink coverage on the paper, but the resulting … Continue reading

Lock up

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Adjustable Beds

In presses equipped with adjustable beds, the steel slab that is the bed of the flatbed cylinder press is connected to a wedge system that raises and lowers the bed of the press, with accuracy to a thousandth of an inch. Benefits of an Adjustable Bed An adjustable bed makes … Continue reading


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