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Letterpress printing is popular, but can it be profitable? Absolutely. Join the conversation on business practices and legal issues for the modern-day letterpress printer.

Letterpress Business Organization and Planning

Organizing your shop and having adequate materials on hand will help streamline production and shorten turnaround. Moving work quickly through your shop frees up press time for other printing and allows you to do other, non-press, work as well. Production Schedules A production schedule will help determine the turnaround time … Continue reading


Proper pricing is the most important component of a successful printing business. Each printer has his or her own overhead (rent, utilities, insurance, and the like), startup costs, and financial obligations, and all of these things affect pricing. Nevertheless, there is a general range of acceptable pricing for letterpress printing—acceptable … Continue reading


Perhaps the most crucial decision a sole-proprietor with a growing business can make, the decision to hire an employee is a financial, legal, and empirical one. Can you, as the business owner, pay the wages (full or part-time, or contractual) of an employee? If so, does your current profit allow … Continue reading

Letterpress Internships

Although there is a thin line between an apprenticeship and an internship, there are a few things that help differentiate the two. An apprenticeship is typically associated with an individual working to learn a particular trade or craft, and is is usually completed in exchange for the student’s continued work … Continue reading

Business Legal Matters

As the owner of a letterpress business, you likely have many issues that keep you up at night. From making payroll to meeting customer deadlines to fixing that old Heidelberg, your day-to-day worries can (and probably do) consume most of your available time. With worries of this sort, it is … Continue reading

Legal Forms

Please share your knowledge on this topic. This article needs all content.


Please share your knowledge on this topic. This article needs all content.