Articles about Troubleshooting

Letterpress printing can feel like 99% troubleshooting, and only 1% actual printing. This ratio may improve with time, but even the most experienced printers will tell you that the more they know, the more they learn they don’t know.

Troubleshooting Vandercook and Similar Cylinder Presses

This article provides solutions to common presswork problems encountered on a Vandercook and similar brands of flatbed cylinder proof presses. Experience adjusting a Vandercook press is assumed. Most makeready can be eliminated by standardizing materials. One element out of specification may lead to problems that cannot otherwise be corrected. Maintenance … Continue reading

Maintenance Schedules

Discovering potential faults with your printing press before they turn into damage or failures is worth the extra effort and care. For the sake of simplicity the maintenance tasks described below are generalized and are not specific to make or model. Adapt suggestions as indicated; specialized maintenance tasks as required … Continue reading