Articles about Where to Learn Letterpress Printing

DIY is overrated and can be hazardous to both you and your valuable letterpress equipment. Taking a class is the best way to learn letterpress printing, with the added incentive that you will get to know your local letterpress community first hand, while getting said hands dirty in the process.

Workshops and Classes

Taking a letterpress workshop or class offers hands-on experience on a press. Depending on your goals, taking a class may satisfy your letterpress curiosity or it may encourage you to purchase your own printing press. In times past, printing was an craft passed on from printer to apprentice; many experienced … Continue reading

Community Print Shops and Book Arts Centers

Learn to print, teach to print, long live print! Book arts centers abound: find one near you on this map. To add your book arts, printmaking, or community print shop to the map, update your account.

Letterpress Internships

Although there is a thin line between an apprenticeship and an internship, there are a few things that help differentiate the two. An apprenticeship is typically associated with an individual working to learn a particular trade or craft, and is is usually completed in exchange for the student’s continued work … Continue reading

Matriculated Programs

Use this handy map to find colleges and universities offering degree programs in letterpress, book arts, or printmaking, or to find those that have print shops or printmaking facilities or classes available. To add your college or university program or shop to the map, update your account.