Bonnie Thompson Norman

For Bonnie Thompson Norman books are a passion as well as a profession. She has been proprietor of The Windowpane Press, a letterpress printing and book arts studio, for more than thirty years. She works full-time as a hand bookbinder in a commercial bindery. Evenings and weekends, she teaches classes in printing and bookmaking where, despite the conveniences and miracles of the computer age, the venerable crafts of letterpress printing and book making are celebrated and passed on in a manner both accessible and relevant today.

Bonnie Thompson Norman has been a major contributor to the following articles:

Treadle-operated / Motorized Platen Instruction

Whether the platen press is driven by a motor or a foot powered treadle, be safe. Your hands should always be clear of the platen as soon as it begins to close. Gordon-style presses, like the Chandler and Price, have a “dwell”–a brief pause–when open, which allows sufficient time to … Continue reading