Brad Vetter

After 8 years of designing and printing letterpress posters at the legendary Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee, Brad Vetter is moving on to new adventures in the great Midwest. After designing countless posters for bands like Arcade Fire and Wilco, Brad is not showing any signs of slowing down, he continues to push the limits of letterpress printing through innovative techniques and always looking forward. He began his love for teaching as the Intern Supervisor at Hatch, and continues to share his knowledge of letterpress through hosting workshops and talking to anyone who will listen.

Brad Vetter has been a major contributor to the following articles:

Pressure Printing

Pressure printing is an alternative image-making technique by which a flexible plate (backing sheet) is placed behind the press sheet and run over a type-high, inked surface. The resulting image is made up of a combination of haloing ink and varying degrees of pressure from the backing sheet. A variety … Continue reading

Letterpress Internships

Although there is a thin line between an apprenticeship and an internship, there are a few things that help differentiate the two. An apprenticeship is typically associated with an individual working to learn a particular trade or craft, and is is usually completed in exchange for the student’s continued work … Continue reading