Jenny Wilkson

Jenny is a founding editor of Letterpress Commons, responsible for the organization and presentation of the site’s content. She also founded and manages the letterpress studio at the School of Visual Concepts, Seattle, along with its accompanying annual Wayzgoose.

Jenny Wilkson has been a major contributor to the following articles:

Type Foundries

See at a glance where type is still being cast, and support your local type foundry. To add your foundry to the map, update your account.

Setting Type By Hand

Setting type by hand, one sort, or letter, at a time, takes a great deal of patience and practice. These guidelines will facilitate the hand typesetting process and are important to the longevity of the type. 10 Steps to Perfect Typesetting Count your sorts! Make sure you have enough type in … Continue reading


Makeready is literally the process of making the press ready to print. Makeready is more than oiling and inking the press, and making sure the form is locked up securely; it is, in the narrowest sense . . the diagnosis of defects, the selection of the best remedies for correcting … Continue reading

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