John Henry

A letterpress printer since purchasing a Kelsey Union Rotary Job Press when 12 years old. B.A. from University of Iowa in Journalism and English, M.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology in Printing Technology.

Studied with Kim Merker, Harry Duncan & Alexander Lawson.

Currently operate Cedar Creek Press, producing small books and ephemera, and designed and produce the Henry Compressible Gage Pins.

John Henry has been a major contributor to the following articles:

Kelsey Union Rotary Job Press

The Kelsey Union press was a larger size press (11″x14″ chase) with quite a few features missing on the Star model. The latching throw-off lever on the left side of the platen allowed for quick action to go from impression to off-impression as it was tied to an eccentric shaft … Continue reading

Ink-related Printing Considerations

From oil to acrylic to rubber to soy, the modern letterpress printer has many ink options. Despite their different bases or carriers, drying times, and pigment quotient, nearly all inks available to letterpress printers today are made for offset lithography, so some special allowances must be made when using these … Continue reading

Ink Mixing

Inks can be mixed to obtain a wide variety of colors to suit various purposes in printed materials. Mixing Ink Without a Formula If the color isn’t a critical element, the printer can easily obtain a pleasant color by mixing white or black with a few base colors to obtain … Continue reading

Types of Ink

In almost any discussion of inks for letterpress printing, strong opinions will be expressed in favor of one or the other name brands of inks, and even more in whether one should use oil-based, rubber-based, or acrylic inks. The industry is fortunate that such choices are available for particular types … Continue reading