Meta: Filter and Manufacturer Counts for Print/Trip

The main Print/Trip map shows several hard-coded searches underneath the map options. The locations shown are driven by “manufacturers,” the manufacturers of the equipment at each location, and “filters,” generally a capability or a line of business for the location. These values are driven by the location’s account page settings. In the list below, we show the counts for each of the valid manufacturers and filters on Print/Trip.

Using these value in the “slug” column, you can create a custom map of these locations on any article at Letterpress Commons. Please consult our Shortcode Reference for detailed instructions on how to insert a map into your article.

Print/Trip filters available

Name Slug Count Type
Stationery Printing stationery-printing 564 filter
Sell Wholesale Letterpress Products sell wholesale-letterpress-products 176 filter
Papermaking instruction papermaking-instruction 39 filter
Bookbinding instruction bookbinding-instruction 94 filter
Letterpress Instruction letterpress-instruction 343 filter
Job Printing job-printing 548 filter
Sell Retail Letterpress Products sell-retail-letterpress-products 270 filter
Press Repair for Hire press-repair-for-hire 27 filter
Plate Processing plate-processing 80 filter
Internships interships 105 filter
Papermaking papermaking 50 filter
Fine Art Letterpress printing letterpress-fine-press 406 filter
Sell Letterpress Supplies sell-letterpress-supplies 28 filter
Type Casting type-casting 34 filter
Presses for Rent presses-for-rent 80 filter
Graphic Design graphic-design 373 filter
Plate Recycling plate-recycling 21 filter
Degree Programs degree-programs 24 filter
Bookbinding binding 183 filter

Print/Trip manufacturers available

Name Slug Count Type
Intertype intertype 15 manufacturer
Heidelberg heidelberg 454 manufacturer
Poco poco 26 manufacturer
Golding golding 106 manufacturer
Craftsman craftsman 36 manufacturer
Monotype monotype 22 manufacturer
Asbern asbern 11 manufacturer
T C Thompson and Sons thompson 2 manufacturer
Howard Iron Works howard-iron-works 1 manufacturer
Gorham gorham 1 manufacturer
Daughaday daughaday 3 manufacturer
Nolan nolan 13 manufacturer
Chandler & Price chandler-and-price 695 manufacturer
Baltimore baltimore 5 manufacturer
Little Giant little-giant 10 manufacturer
Vandercook vandercook 599 manufacturer
Adana adana 85 manufacturer
Kluge kluge 84 manufacturer
Sigwalt sigwalt 15 manufacturer
Reprex reprex 5 manufacturer
Hammond hammond 7 manufacturer
Platemaker platemaker 41 manufacturer
Excelsior excelsior 3 manufacturer
Columbian columbian 3 manufacturer
Blick blick 3 manufacturer
Miehle miehle 21 manufacturer
Arab arab 14 manufacturer
Takach takach 8 manufacturer
Iron Handpress iron-handpress 35 manufacturer
Hohner hohner 9 manufacturer
Potter potter 10 manufacturer
Gordon gordon 13 manufacturer
Peerless peerless 6 manufacturer
Damon & Peets damon-and-peets 7 manufacturer
Challenge challenge 33 manufacturer
Morgan Line-O-Scribe morgan-line-o-scribe 16 manufacturer
Babcock babcock 2 manufacturer
Linotype linotype 26 manufacturer
Kelsey kelsey 176 manufacturer
Showcard showcard 24 manufacturer
Imagesetter imagesetter 10 manufacturer
Nonpareil nonpareil 1 manufacturer
Colts Armory colts-armory 5 manufacturer
Ludlow ludlow 40 manufacturer
Albion albion 21 manufacturer
Korrex korrex 18 manufacturer