• Articles that need A Description (76)
    These Letterpress Commons articles or presses might have an image (or images) but need text. Usually all that's needed is a short paragraph or two. If you can help generate a description, go ahead and edit the article or press.
  • Articles that need All Content (42)
    These are important letterpress topics that no one has tackled creating quite yet. If you have a few evenings or a weekend free, please help fill this gap by writing and/or illustrating its content.
  • Articles that need Illustration (30)
    The text is fine for these articles, but they could use illustrations or photographs to better explain the topic. This could be a simple as shooting a photo or could be as involved as drawing an illustration from scratch. You might not have permission to upload images to our site yet, so send our administrators the images with our Submit Media form.
  • Articles that need Coding (1)
    These articles are missing a significant amount of functionality because they need coding. At this point, we don't have a way for community members to help volunteer time coding for Letterpress Commons, but let us know offline if you're interested.