Improved No.2 Self-Inking Model Press

Improved No.2 Self Inking Model Press

Model No. 2

“The Model press was invented and patented in 1874 by William Clark of Philadelphia, who went into business for its production with Joshua Daughaday, a publisher. The press was intended for tradesmen and amateurs (including children). It came in a range of sizes and models, from hand-inking card presses to full-sized job presses, and was produced well into the twentieth century. The No.2 Oldstyle was manufactured toward the end of the nineteenth century. Other presses in the Model series and their chase sizes are as follows:

Model No.1 OS, 3 1/4″” x 5 1/2″”
Model No.1 Imp., 5″” x 7 1/2″”
Model No.2 OS, 5″” x 7 1/2″”
Model No.3, 6″” x 9″”
Model No.4, 7″” x 10 1/2″” “