Improved Self-Inking Model Card Press

Improved Self Inking Model Card Press

Model No. 1

“William Clark of Philadelphia went into business with Joshua Daughaday, a publisher, to produce the Model Press. This is one of their smaller Models. For more information on this press see the Model No.1 Imp. This press is shown in an undated catalog from the Excelsior Printer’s Supply Co. Ltd., London. Other presses in the Model series and their chase sizes are as follows:

Model No.1, 3 1/4″” x 5 1/2″”
Model No.1 Imp., 5″” x 7 1/2″”
Model No.2 OS, 5″” x 7 1/2″”
Model No.3, 6″” x 9″”
Model No.4, 7″” x 10 1/2″””