Vandercook No. 03

Vandercook No. 3

Paul Moxon


The No. 03 belongs to the office press series. It is a simple galley press with a rubberized impression cylinder not geared to a rack. Cylinder bearers roll on the bed bearers and are supported only by bearings riding the under rail. There are no form rollers but paper grippers were an option. Also called gravity presses or “Showcard” presses, there were several competitors. (Vandercook supplied presses to the Showcard Company, which attached their own nameplate to the carriage.) Optional cabinet, manual inking equipment (brayer, ink plate), register device with or without foot operated grippers. Optional newspaper equipment: swinging Floor plate truck lift, blocks and bed plate. Maximum form: 25¼ × 34″; maximum sheet: 25¾ × 42″. The Serial number range is separate from other models. There are a mere five No. 03 office presses in the Vandercook gravity press census, but it is likely that more are in use. See the 0, 01 and 099.