Mark Barbour

Mark Barbour is the Founding Curator and Executive Director of the Int’l Printing Museum, Carson, CA, established in 1988 to house one of the largest collections of working antique printing presses in the world. Mark is actively involved in researching printing history, writing hundreds of articles on the subject, giving presentations throughout the year, developing educational programs that reach 20,000+ students and visitors annually, and acquiring machines and artifacts for the Printing Museum’s growing collections. Mark is also an active letterpress printer, calligrapher, and collector of books on printing and typography.

Mark Barbour has been a major contributor to the following articles:

Card & Billhead

There are less than six known surviving printing presses made by the Boston inventor and press maker Stephen P. Ruggles (1808-1880). Ruggles patented his Card & Billhead press in 1851. (No relation to the Card & Billhead made by Boston & Fairhaven Iron Works in 1871.) It was one of … Continue reading